What makes my Core Fitness Personal Training Wellington Programme different from others:


1) Mobile—I come to you with all the equipment anywhere in Wellington in the Hutt Valley. You can train at your home, park or office—no gym membership fees and no time wasted commuting across town to the gym, parking, checking in, etc.*
2) Full body time-effective workouts that will kick your metabolism into overdrive, shed pounds, strengthen and tone, and make you look and feel fantastic. I keep the workouts constantly changing so that your body doesn’t adapt and you keep making progress.*
3) Fun (seriously)—no more boring gym and cardio machine workouts. Instead my approach is dynamic and fun incorporating elements of boxing, yoga, pilates, and sports training. I like to have fun when I train and I want you to also.*
4) Plenty of Extra Support—most personal trainers tell to you to exercise but then leave you on your own to figure out all the rest of the details. Instead I emphasize total health and well-being including nutrition and sustainable long-term healthy habits.*
5) Accountability—I’m here to hold you accountable, encourage you to get the most out of each training session, and provide motivation. Just working with a trainer won’t magically make you fit. I will keep you on track and make sure you STICK WITH IT!*