Most of the things people try sometimes just don't work:

1) Yo-yo Diets—you’re tired, hungry, and cranky for a few weeks and lose a few kilos that quickly return.*
2) Pills, powders, and other miracle supplements—don’t work, take all your money, and mess up your health in the long run.
3) Home gym equipment and workout videos—so boring that it’s no wonder no one gets results with these and they end up gathering dust in the garage. (trust me the guys and girls in the commercial did not get that way using their product)*.
4) Gyms—it’s a simple fact that some Wellington memberships never or rarely get used—even when they go most are doing workouts that are just ineffective. Learn how to use the gym effectively with me.*



Worldwide the health and fitness industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and it’s unfortunate because it means that many companies and personal trainers care more about their bottom line than the health and well-being of their customers.*

I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying what actually works and what doesn’t. As a Wellington Personal Trainer, I’ve seen people make incredible transformations beyond what they thought possible and the positive ramifications across their entire lives. And I’ve seen that it’s possible for anyone regardless where they’re starting from—with the right techniques, program, and support.*
How would your life be different if you had this area taken care of? Imagine being able to wear whatever you wanted to and look good doing it? Or having the energy and fitness to enjoy your favourite activities without getting tired or being slowed down by a sore back or other nagging injuries? Or having the fitness to compete in that 5k, half-marathon, or even marathon that you may have considered (I do not train competitive athletes, just normal people like yourself and weekend warriors alike)? What would it be like if you not only looked and felt great now but also had made real changes in your habits so that you knew without a doubt you would be staying fit and healthy for years to come?*